Case Studies

Case Study 1: Symbiosis Group

"We had grown very quickly as a business but we were stretched across three distinct service areas. We asked Roy to undertake a thorough review of the company across all three of these strands. He recommended a refocus onto our core strength – Event Management – and personally handled the transition. This re-allocation of resource has seen our company grow even more quickly as a result. Roy oversaw this with sensitivity, and was able to advise us throughout the changes. He is decisive, focused and personable. We have now invited him to become our non-exec Chairman to continue the successful relationship."

Nigel Targett
Joint MD, Symbiosis Group

Case Study 2: Negotiation

A client was paying an intermediary an ongoing "introduction" fee for revenue secured three years after the original introduction. This client still needed the goodwill of the intermediary given its relative position in this sector, but was unhappy about this ongoing cost to the business. We identified a negotiation strategy whereby the fee could be reduced whilst still maintaining an excellent relationship with the intermediary. In fact the negotiation enabled the client to enhance its relationship with the intermediary and opened up other areas where they could work together. We were able to identify common areas of growth and to demonstrate the value of this new relationship to both parties. We were involved in the successful face-to-face negotiations.


Nigel Targett, Joint MD, Symbiosis Group
Nigel Targett
Joint MD, Symbiosis Group

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