All companies prosper through their successful negotiations – either with customers or suppliers. At Grey Scorpion we have built up a detailed bank of experience and expertise across all types of suppliers and customers – with great success. We offer:

A. Principles and framework of each negotiation
B. Analysis of the aims and targets of both parties
C. Flexibility and the ability to close deals
D. Understanding what is, and is not, tradable.
E. Monitoring and measurement
F. Understanding what success actually looks like
G. Lessons and feedback
H. Maintaining cordial relationships throughout the process
I. Reviewing the deal after an agreed period
J. Using successful negotiations as a springboard to further growth

As with our interim management service, much of what we do is confidential. However some examples are listed under our Case Studies section. We charge by the day or by the project, again following on from initial consultation. We always deliver our targets.


Alec Kenny

"Roy was appointed by me to run our Regional Press Unit when I was Media Director of Saatchi & Saatchi, at that point the UK's biggest full-service agency. Our clients were making an increased use of regional press and this was therefore a very important appointment.

He brought many skills to his role: organisation, strategic thinking, consistency, innovation, negotiation skills, and most importantly, leadership. He also spent a considerable amount of time problem-solving on behalf of our clients. He continued his outstanding contribution on our behalf when Zenith Media was subsequently created by Saatchi & Saatchi – he was rewarded with an instant elevation to the Zenith board. He transformed our regional media to that of industry leadership in less than eighteen months."


Edwin Sharpe
National Media Manager (Retired)
Unilever UK


"As MD of Initiative Media London Roy had overall responsibility for Unilever's £150m per annum UK media investment, heading up a team of specialist negotiators and administrators for the different media employed. Within this overall remit, Roy was given the specific brief to dramatically improve Unilever's trading terms in the press media – a task which he achieved with aplomb. Indeed, he transformed the Unilever press rates into the most competitive in the industry; this considerable achievement being confirmed by an independent media auditor.

As part of the Unilever Pan-European restructure of its internal media management responsibilities, Roy was asked to take over the Chairmanship of the UK Unilever Media Trading Committee – the first non-Unilever employee ever to do so. As the activities of this Committee ultimately fed in to Europe, Roy's responsibilities were extended in tandem to oversee all of Initiative's European media negotiations via Magna. I have to acknowledge that Roy is an extremely impressive negotiator and I'm so glad that he was very much on our side during what was a challenging time for Unilever."




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