Interim Management

Companies clearly have different needs at different stages in their development. Some face "liquidity events" – where there is an immediate need to protect or extract investor value; some face sales or growth hurdles; some need to re-evaluate their strategy; while some have structural or operational challenges that require a fresh approach.

At Grey Scorpion we sit down with the relevant individuals to agree the issues in the strictest confidence. We offer:

A. Analysis of corporate strategy in light of the current performance
B. Identification of the key issues
C. Objective recommendations
D. The ability to carry out any required operational or structural changes
E. Advice on HR and staffing concerns
F. Physical placement in the company
G. Review of customer/supplier relationships
H. Mystery shopper analysis
I. Mutually agreed targets
J. Staff training (with partner companies)

We have successfully helped companies with as few as four people, up to companies with as many as 185 staff. We charge either by the day, or by project, following on from initial consultation. Much of our work is done in confidence, so we have included some anonymised examples in our Case Studies section. We are personable, punctual, articulate and always do what we say we are going to do.


Erica Taylor, Commercial Trading Director, SMV GroupSMV GroupErica Taylor
Commercial Trading Director
SMV Group

"I worked with Roy as a media group head while he was the MD of Initiative, where he mentored and guided me in all aspects of how to identify client issues and how to quickly resolve them. He is able to cut through all the "white noise" and quickly find solutions that deliver. He also taught me about the value of detailed preparation. I still use these skills daily in my role at SMV as Commercial Trading Director, where I oversee a number of the group's negotiations."


Andrew Needham
CEO & Founding Partner, Face

Face Group   Andrew Needham, CEO and Founding Partner, Face

"Roy was the Non-Executive Chairman of my company Face for 4 years. During that time I learnt a great deal from Roy – he was a fantastic mentor, an insightful, straight talking, no-nonsense, independent sounding board and strategic advisor across a number of commercial, business and management issues. In particular he played an invaluable role at a vital time for the business that culminated in the successful sale of the company to Cello Plc. On both a personal and leadership level his character, personality and wealth of experience had a very positive impact on me and ultimately the business Face is today."




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