Given our two key services we often meet with companies that require investment support. There are of course Angel Investors and specialist & VC companies that offer such investments in the media space – but we have also successfully invested in a number of companies over the past few years given our own specialist knowledge of the media sector. We tend also to require a non-executive relationship as part of our investment programme. The individual company requirements will clearly vary depending on the stage in the growth cycle, but we tend to offer investment in the £25,000 to £100,000 range. We have access to larger funds through our partnerships if necessary as well.

Over the last two years we have invested in six companies – Social ICE; Adimo; Communication Partners UK; Arctic Shores; Headbox and Get Me Media. All these companies are offering genuinely ground-breaking solutions in their respective sectors. Please see their websites below for more details.


Anand Verma
Brilliant Basics and ATP

Brilliant Basics   Anand Verma, Brilliant Basics and ATP

"As an IPG CEO in EMEA I had worked with Roy in his capacity as Rapport CEO. When I left IPG I started my own companies – Brilliant Basics, a service and product design studio and ATP, a marketing performance platform – both companies have grown rapidly. I asked Roy to join as a non-exec director and senior advisor and he has brought a clarity of thought and advice across our service portfolio.

He has the perfect balance of intellectual input allied with a strong pragmatic streak. His experience means that he can quickly identify the strategic and tactical implications of any issue. His contribution continues to be invaluable."



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